Network Distribution Partners – Winston Johnson

WinSonic Digital Media Group, Ltd. a Nevada corporation (“WinSonic”) was founded to create a new global communications infrastructure for the delivery of converged communications services i.e. voice, audio, video, data, streaming media and broadcast content over a protocol independent multi-layered communication systems, known as WinSonic Digital Cable Systems Network (“WDCSN”). WinSonic has a business model that provides multiple revenue streams from a host of resources, services, infrastructure and new media business opportunities that enable its customers to achieve the highest level of business sophistication with un-compromised security. This business model will enhance WinSonic’s ability to become a Brand name in the future of interactive media and entertainment distribution.


WinSonic Digital Media Group, Ltd is under the leadership and vision of  Winston D. Johnson, who started in the music, computer science, and communications industries in the 1970s, and pioneered technological innovations in music, communications, computer and sound engineering such as the Winsonic Process. The Winsonic Process, a digital compression technology trade secret that produces superior sounding product, has been used to enable record and film companies to record and distribute high-end voice, data, text, audio and video files throughout the world. Chairman of Winsonic Digital Media Group, Ltd. (WDMG.OB), WinSonic Digital Cable Systems Network, Entertainment Industry Broadband Initiative co-founder and Technology Group Chairman, and Co-founder of UBNetworks, a competitive local exchange carrier and national backbone provider that he helped to take public in 1999. Winston D. Johnson Education includes BS FAMU, additional labs, and studies include FSU, UCLA, Berkley, Stetson University, Dartmouth, NASA, USC ETC, Nortel Networks, Cisco, SONET, STN, ATM, Star Hub, DMS 200/300, DMS 500, DSL, PPOE, PPOA, MPLS, OSPF, BGP4, VOIP, HDTV transport, e911, video switching, ss7 signaling, cable plant, catv, emergency disaster planning, satellite, voice, data, video, fiber optics, micro wave, two-way radio, management systems, and billing systems.

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  • Relations Oil, Lubricants,Import Export
  • Veggies, Fruits & Organic Oils
  • Token & Block Chain Development
  • Web - Technical Services
  • Digital Network Development
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